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The Intentional Pursuit

The Intentional Pursuit

“If you want to experience significant progress towards your goal, you need to be intentional about the work you’re doing every day.” – K. Noelle Consulting

To be intentional is be deliberate in our actions. It is to send a clear notice to the atmosphere that we’re are serious about the journey we’re preparing to embark on. It is to be persuaded beyond present circumstances. When we set our end goal in view, and remind ourselves of it daily, our motivation increases. Every time we see what it is we’re working towards, no matter how we are feeling, we find a way to muster up enough strength to take another step in its direction. Why? Because we’ve become intentional. Our behavior has become deliberate. We have decided that what we’re working towards is worth more than the pressure we’re under, and the end goal is too precious to be aborted by our fears! Phil 3:13 (NLT) - No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,

It is not to say that we’ve arrived or that we’ve obtained the end goal, but that we have become rooted in our hope. Hope has become our driver which gives our faith something to work with. Pastor Sheryl Brady said it this way: “If you’re not hoping for anything, your faith is unemployed.” The deliberate will to pursue after things we hope is the fuel needed to recharge our faith.

Before we begin our journey, let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Who am I working towards becoming?

Make sure you’re working on becoming who you were created to be and not who other need for you to be.

  • Are my actions intentional (deliberate)?

Begin every day with you moving in the direction of your end goal.

  • Am I capable of denying myself the things I want to acquire the things I need?

Filling our lives with wants overcrowds our lives leaving minimal room for the things we need.

  • Am I prepared to walk alone?

Prepare to be uprooted from what’s familiar and planted in solitude while you work on you.

  • Am I prepared to be honest with myself about myself?

Admitting where we are sheds light on the areas we need assistance with.

Closing remarks:

Speak well over the things you’re hoping for even when it doesn’t look like things are coming together. What you say about it will be what it ultimately becomes.

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