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The Founder

J'Mella Hinkston

J'Mella Shephard-Hinkston is the Founder of Brunch of Girls, where their mantra is to "Become the Best Version of You." J’Mella founded Brunch of Girl in 2014 to create moments for women to assemble together to have open dialogues about things they face on a day to day basis, broaden their social and professional networks, and to build a sense of comradery among women who share in their personal experiences. J’Mella and her team create these moments by way of semi-annual brunches, meet-up gatherings, and communal outreach initiatives.


J'Mella is the proud wife of Aaron Hinkston, mother of AJ Hinkston, and daughter of Yvette Shephard. She was born and raised in Portland, OR prior to her relocation to Houston, TX. The vast majority of her professional experience has been in nonprofits and humans resources. Music is her voice and she is a worshiper at heart. 


To The Girls:

"Mediocrity is not your God given trait, but the manmade crutch deterring you  from your destiny."- J’Mella Shephard-Hinkston 

So often we allow ourselves to become complacent out of fear. We have so many ideas waiting to be birthed, but we are too afraid to speak them into existence. What about your journey has caused you to fear the giants in the land? The land promised to you by God. At what point in your life will you stop allowing the opinions of others to be your drivers? 

My challenge to you is for you to take inventory of your dreams, and make an honest analysis of their present state. If you find them lying dormant, trust yourself enough to see that they reach fulfillment. Your dreams have purpose,and only you can cause them to manifest with the help of the Lord. 

Now that we have determined the state of our dreams, let’s map out their journeys. We need to define and understand their purpose, as individual and collective units. What foundation needs to be laid in order for them to come to pass? Who are the people you need in your corner to foster them into maturity? What mental blocks do you need to overcome so that your dreams never lie dormant again? 
It is not enough just to be who everyone else needs you to be. You have spent enough time serving as the midwife to the dreams and visions of others, and your time has come. Do not fret, your work was not in vain. You have acquired skills you would not have otherwise come into the knowledge of had your experiences not occurred. 

Launch into the deep in the absence of fear, and watch the impossible unfold. 

~ J'Mella Hinkston

Founder & CEO 

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