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Do they Identify you by your wounds our by your scars?

Thursdays with J'Mella

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While studying for this broadcast I was led to conduct research on the wound healing process. The wound healing process is made up of 4 phases and each phase is heavily reliant on the successful completion of the phase that preceded it. The four phases on the wound healing process are 1. hemostasis, 2. inflammation, 3. proliferation, and 4. maturation.

Phase 1: Hemostasis is the process whereby the wound is closed by clotting.

Phase 2: Inflammation occurs to send a notice to the body that injury has occurred.

Phase 3: Proliferation - the growth or production of cells by multiplication of parts. It's during this phase that the wound is rebuilt with new granulation tissue into which a new network of blood vessels develop.

**In order from something to be rebuilt it has to first be destroyed or damaged. **

Phase 4: Maturation - the remolding phase. It is during this phase the wound fully closes.

If we aspire to heal we have to first acknowledge that injury has occurred and avail ourselves to the rebuilding of the impacted area.

Point 1: When healing does not occur, proud skin develops.

Proud skin (excessive unhealthy- looking skin that develops around the wound) can be found in those who'd rather be identified by their wounds than by their scars. Why? Because the visibility of our wounds brings us attention. Don't allow your desire for attention cause you to pitch a tent in your wounded place. Allow healing to rebuild you with a new network of blood vessels so that you can have an identity beyond the wound.

Point 2: Maturation only occurs when we STOP touching the wound and allow it to heal!

Yes it happened to us but it’s no longer happening! Healing is a choice and the key to peace! How do we stop touching our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds? We do so by letting go of the intruder…

Yes, they lied on you. Let it Go!

Yes, they violated you. Let it Go!

Yes, they deserted you when you were at your lowest. Let it Go!

You survived what happened to you so that you could to be an example of what can be developed in SPITE of the circumstance(s).

Point 3: The condition of our scars reveals how long it took for us to surrender to the healing process.

How long did we pick at it?

How long did we allow others to inspect it?

How long did it take for us to go pick up the RX from the pharmacy?

Proud skin develops when healing isn’t occurring do to infection. Infection arrives on the scene when the barriers have been penetrated or when we position ourselves outside of the environment in which healing can occur.

What healing looks like? Healing looks like the graduation from the crippling effect of what happened and having an identity outside of it.

Healing also includes forgiveness. When we forgive, we allow a person to live beyond the scope of their mistake even if their mistake caused injury us.

Choose Healing! You're worth it.

Our scriptural reference:

Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. – Jer. 17:14

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